Craniosacral Therapy

A holistic hands-on approach that targets a combination the physical and emotional aspect of trauma and dis-regulation to the nervous system that can lead to emotional disorders and the manifestation of physical complaints.

Craniosacral Therapy

Cranisacral Therapy (CST) is a physical therapy that is performed using a  gentle light touch to the body that enhances the bodies capacity to self-correct through normalising the environment around the brain and spinal cord. 

This gentle practice focuses on releasing restrictions to the flow of cerebrospinal fluid with the result of balancing the bodies nervous system and the improvement of a persons well-being.

Clients can expect to feel a decrease in physical pain and emotional distresses and an increase in function immediately after their session and the days and weeks to follow.

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy


Craniosacral Therapy works by releasing tension in the Central Nervous System through the examination of the membranes and fluids using light touch.  It works by releasing the body's connective tissue or "fascia"which creates a body-wide connective network around the organs, glands, nerves, vessels muscles, blood and brain and spinal cord.  This allows for the  improved efficiency of biological processes through boosting the inherent self-regulation, self-corrective and self-healing.

Almost anyone can benefit to some degree from craniosacral therapy from the elderly to babies, because of its gentle nature. In some rare cases there may be contraindications but if you feel that this might be the case it would be best to get in touch and discuss.

At the beginning of the treatment a tuning in process occurs, this is done at the feet where they are gently touched and the system is scanned. During the session gentle pressure techniques are used to assess the existence of possible disruptions and/or restrictions in your fascial system. Light touch and fascial release may help your muscles and organs naturally relieve stress, which improves function. Patients often report feeling a sense of deep relaxation. Given in the cranio-sacral name, contact is at some point made with the sacrum and the cranium, but not always as it depends on the clients systems needs. All sessions are carried out with the client fully clothed and a blanket can be provided to increase comfort.

CST is thought to relieve compression in the head, neck, and back. This can soothe pain and release both emotional and physical stress and tension. It’s also thought to help restore cranial mobility and ease or release restrictions of the head, neck, and nerves. It can be useful in helping with conditions such as anxiety and depression as it can help restore the balance of the bodies autonomic nervous system and allow a person to feel relaxed in a way that puts them back in better relationship with themselves.

I am a firm believer in the body’s ability to talk sometimes osteopathy can be an effective tool to get a healing process going, but what happens when there is a reoccurring issue? Sometimes this can be caused by emotional underlying conditions or trauma where by the body is trying to relieve built up tension or pressure or even trying to find a way to communicate its needs. When this is the case Craniosacral therapy can be a very effective tool in combination with  osteopathy to get to a deeper root cause and really get to the cause as opposed to the symptoms.

Sessions are £65 and last an hour but concessions for children and mothers and babies are available.

From The People

His knowledge in his specialist fields and beyond, have helped me so much with the issues I have had. I have gone in with pain and he's instantly known what the problem is and put it right whilst explaining how/what's caused it. The combination of being extremely accomplished in both osteopathy and cranio sacral therapy is a gold dusted godsend. I always feel completely at ease and completely confident when going to Ross with issues.

— Dom

Ross has been nothing more than an exemplary osteopath for me and everyone I have recommended him too. After resolving my Long standing back and neck issues I can not recommend him any higher than I do.Super calming and soothing space which enables you to feel safe and relaxed.

— Leon Cook

After 6months of pain in my shoulder. I attended Ross' clinic. It was a very provisional and calm environment. After explaining my issues i had been suffering Ross was able to diagnosis and fix the problem. There was no pressure of a follow up visit as Ross was confident I was now sorted... and he was right. Cannot recommend this guy high enough. Cheers

— Lewis Cummins

Had the most amazing experience at Mae, was my first time getting any type of filler and I had been following the clinic online for a while. I went with lead technician Danielle and she was a dream start to finish, made me feel so at ease and comfortable not to mention my results were more than I could have wished for! Not only are you paying for the work carried out but the whole vibe and aesthetic of the clinic is beautiful which feels like a luxury, worth every penny. Love everything they offer and what they stand for; looking forward to returning cannot recommend enough!

— Ella

Recently had my eyebrows done at Mae Cosmetics Clinic and I’m so impressed with them and cannot wait to have my top up next week. Danielle was extremely professional, explained everything and gave great aftercare advice. Thank you to both Danielle and Sasha

— Beth Louise

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